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Is This Claim Covered?

A principal of a well-known charter school retires after many years in the position. Mrs. Smith, a long-time teacher at the school, makes a bid to become the new principal, and is considered a shoe-in by many because of her many years of teaching and devotion to her students. 

After a long and rigorous interview process, the school board ultimately decides to hire Mr. Jones, an applicant from outside the school faculty who has many years of experience as former principal of another charter school on the other side of the state. 

Upset, Mrs. Smith sues the school under Title IX, alleging that she was denied a position she was clearly more qualified for because of her gender. She claims statements made by the faculty and board both before, during, and after her bid for the position of principal will prove her case. 

Mrs. Smith’s claim is brought to court and a legal battle ensues. 

Does she have a sufficient case? Will the Charter School’s Insurance cover the legal costs? Will this litigation present an unknown coverage gap at the worst possible time? 

All are questions we will consider in this article: Educators Legal Liability Coverage Florida.

Our Charter & Private Schools solutions include:

  • Property & Liability Packages
  • Umbrella Liability Coverages
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Educators Legal Liability
  • Cyber Liability / Data Breach
  • School Vehicles
  • Crime Coverage
  • Bond Coverage
  • Flood
  • Key Leader Life Coverage

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