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Meet Sharon Edwards. I personally use Sharon and I can say she is a LIFE SAVER! She has come to me on a Saturday night and has helped me not lose my mind or chuck my printer out of the second story window out of the sheer frustration I can experience!  Sharon works at Platinum International Sales and Services where they sell brand new toner and ink cartridges for your printers. There’s a little fact to add to this amazing business though, they take the proceeds and give back to the community, all while providing you with discounted ink and toner. Everything is 100% guaranteed in writing and their products are designed to save you time, a great deal of money and feed the local homeless/less fortunate at the same time.  They take 11% of the proceeds from every cartridge sold and purchase food and feed the Homeless every month.  This is called Project Pop Drop.  POP DROP which is an acronym for Partnership Of Provision. You can find a POP DROP at participating companies like Pilot Bank, PDR CPA’s , Florida Fire Arms Academy, Christian Brothers Automotive, Bausch and Lomb, and Dimmit Chevrolet . They have contributed to feeding over 90,000 meals every month to the different homeless shelters in the Tampa Bay area. When Sharon is not helping you get the best deals for printers and such, you can find her picking up donations from all the POP Drop locations, enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, Fishing or working out. Make  a difference in your ink and make a difference in your community by connecting with Sharon! Time to “Print with a Purpose!”